Asea on Summer Alcohol/ Carolyn Creed

Up at the usual workaday hour (0700, nautical time)

In the midst of your August timeout, you imbibe

Your morning coffee with additives:





of milk

Feel yourself off-kilter, as if

An ocean of drink had arrived in waves

At an overworked brain—currently so

Overplayed that the ship’s clock of it

Sticks on alarm mode: WONK WONK WONK WONK

Turn the damn’ thing off and retry

Normalcy (now hours in the offing)—

Who gave you leave to take the dinghy

Of short-term freedom so hellishly far

From its customary port? (“Yes, port

Says the daze brain, dangerously adrift:

“You shall drink port next, for its sheer

vomitous novelty”)




Carolyn Hoople Creed is an Associate Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing on the Thompson campus of Manitoba’s University College of the North. Her poetry has recently appeared in The Windsor Review, Lake, and The Global Poetry Anthology (Vehicule Press, 2011); both poetry and prose are featured in Poet to Poet (Guernica Editions), launched in November 2012, as well as in English Quarterly, May, 2013. The website, which carries an MP3 of the author reading “Morel-Floored Forest,” is the best online site on which to peruse Carolyn Hoople Creed’s work and profile.


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