From the DSM-IV/ Jason Goldberg

The floors are clean, the laundry
stacked and folded. My thoughts
make dents like boulders
poured from the palms
of giants.

I flick a speck
from off the countertop
and soak my fingers
in the sink, wondering
how it might feel
to slice them.

A woman at the door.
She’s wearing black.
She has a satchel
full of bibles. I say
please don’t smile at me
like that.

Do you have faith
in God, she asked, as if
it’s possible to have faith
in anything besides things
falling apart.



Jason Goldberg is an author, poet, blogger, and heavy metal transport specialist. His first book, The Tao of Paleo – Finding your Path to Health and Harmony, was published in June. His first novel, Pilot Error, and his first collection of poetry, Boxing the Compass, will be published in 2015. Jason resides in the Northeastern US with his son and a conure named Woodstock.


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