Job Advert/ James Nixon

Are you needing a career that will utilise your love for admin?
Do you enjoy excelling before a computer screen for long hours?
Is there nothing that excites you more than sending fantastic emails?

Do you find spiritual enlightenment via high levels of organisation?
Are charismatic spreadsheets and shapely docs. your ideal partner?
Does discovering an apt font cause existence to sharpen for you?

Does the sensation of filing paperwork remind you of squeezing
a panicking kitten’s unbuilt neck? Does the thought of good presentation
and tidy workspaces make your teeth whine like a sky-scraping

container ship or do you wheeze as if the reason was something
that you’d rather forget? Then we can help you realise your dreams.
Apply now. Immediate start and no C.V or references needed.



Read James Nixon’s bio here.


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