0-1 Tarot Cards/ Danny O’Sullivan

New Age was a roman numeral in the
feathered hat of the 2000s.
I listen to the tea leaves through
headphones, they say
‘Darling, be prepared.
Autumn is coming, you will shake off
such odd domesticity’.
Tea knows nothing,
I broke those plates accidentally.
My kettle kept a silent vigil,
watching the letterbox with trepidation.
My hair was parted wrong when the first
bill arrived and they tell me that
a city garden does not allow for fires.
The cat remains black out of necessity,
the tea will always be dry,
the way that my parents house
stank of incense and laughed reasonably behind
the nightmare of a paper shredder tells me
nothing of the future.
Nobody tells me how to pay taxes. I will
cross the road mark of that wrinkle when
we lay the cards down, you say ‘electricity’
I say ‘Death! Oh but don’t be scared, that
card is a trick. It is the secret of the
new new age’.
Death is not for us we are binary.



Danny is soon to be a third year Goldsmiths, University of London student and belongs to that generation of twenty-somethings with blogs. He’s starting out as a performer of spoken word and a reader of poetry and can be found reading wherever people will let him. You can read more of Danny’s work on his blog mostlywineandwrds.tumblr.com


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