Visitation Rights/ Tia Lorraine

I’m coming to visit
not you, no, it’s not going to be like that
I don’t plan on it
I’m going to the sloth sanctuary
and canoeing, surrounded by trees
I’ll coast through the Enchanted Forest
not with you, no, since it wasn’t like that
there were plans canceled constantly
with you, I mean
I have plans to visit
you’re not in them or any from now on
but sometimes plans don’t pan out
just like most of ours
like, I don’t plan for any of this
any of these feelings I get
or what feelings may occur in the future
I don’t plan on them
I’ll be in the midst of brushing my teeth
and choke out “I’m not happy”
yet I am now and I didn’t plan on it
didn’t plan on my visit, at first
it was an impulse
just like lots of my decisions
because too many plans mean not living
that’s why I left, but I’m coming to visit



Tia Lorraine is a baker first, a writer second. Tia has a degree in Creative writing and has just moved back to Florida after a stint in Oregon where she obtained a pastry degree and fuel for her poetry.


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