Cheese/ Clive Gresswell

& today is mainly

bombs in iraq

& a cheese sandwich


war in the middle east


a cheese sandwich  &

the death of robin williams

& a cheese sandwich

maybe some soup

& tweets & fucking war zones


a ham and cheese sandwich


some leek soup


tickets to the opera


a cheese sandwich



Clive Gresswell, 56, is an experimental short story writer and poet based in Luton, Bedfordshire. He recently obtained a First in Creative Writing at the University there and is going on to do a poetry based Masters on the London scene. He is a regular at the Old Street based meetings of poets known as The Writers Forum (Second Series) and enjoys giving readings wherever he can. Influences on his work include Brautigan, Beckett and Bukowski. You can check out his book Tall Tales and Perpendicular Poems by Fistfight Publications on Amazon.


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