Twitter Sized Too/ Kirsty Higginson

Flakes of cheese & onion crisps were stuck fast round her mouth. She savoured each & every morsel. She looked down at the scales & groaned.

Henry climbed into the pool, scrubbed the dry blood & evidence that sat on his skin, but the CCTV had seen it all.

A radio played old songs as Maggie entered hospital. Dulcet tones helped her reminisce but the swollen tummy made her look to a future.

The new-born pup howled & whimpered in loneliness. It was a tragic beginning but no one cared on the puppy farm.

After you’d gone I thought I was dancing on my own but you were there all along guiding me towards new love & where I needed to be.

My curtains remained closed. Loneliness invaded every pore. When the phone rang it would be time to run. Again.

Owning a book was forbidden. Reading – punishable by death. To salvage the literature of our world, we had to leave & take over the moon.



Kirsty is a poet, writer & freelance journalist & resides among the cobbled streets of Lancashire. Her days are often spent dreaming, writing and reading poetry. Kirsty runs an arts project called Left in Preston, which aims to celebrate creativity throughout the city.  You can find a collection of her work at:


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