These Guys/ Anthony Keers

The deceptive gods walk among us
with bodies swollen by pride
and insecurities. The prototypes
of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ with
hair and clothes mugged from helpless
manikins, wade through the foam of
unworthy turds like the life guards
from hell. It’s better to drown than
be saved by these boys, girls. Death
would be a superior suitor.



Anthony Keers lives in the city of Manchester, England. He has recently graduated with a degree in Business Management and his passion is for environmental sustainability and exploring new ways in which humanity can promote an environmentally healthier lifestyle. Anthony writes poetry and short stories in his spare time and his work can be found in various literary blogs.


One thought on “These Guys/ Anthony Keers

  1. Reblogged this on Urban Life and commented:
    James has kindly published my poem ‘These guys’ on his online magazine ‘Fry Your Friends’.
    Keep an eye on this up and coming mag!


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