Garbage Pants/ Jon Bennett

“Anything you leave here

I’m throwing away.”

She’s a self-proclaimed

sex addict

which is fine

but the next time I’m over there

I see somebody’s jeans

in the garbage.

Underpants and socks

I can understand

but what did he do

without pants?

I take them out

in the middle of the night

just to make sure they’re a man’s

and find a blood stained

slash on the knee.

Who knows?

I can’t really blame her.

If she didn’t throw

our shit away

she’d have to open a thrift store

for the broken hearted.



Jon Bennett is a writer and musician living in San Francisco’s Chinatown.  His novel, “The Unfat,” science fiction about autism and obesity, is available on Amazon, and his album, “Submarine,” through iTunes and other music sites.


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