have you noticed yet?/ Erin Vance

i eat all sense of myself

sugar free jello, my legs

are on backwards


can’t focus (he didn’t notice)


i pushed a supplement to grow my hair

down my rusty trachea

all vegetables

must be in gelatine



he said the lining of my stomach

probably looked like vitiligo

i shed pigment

like skin


each day

my bloated blue-jeans stretch

further from my thighs

i try to remember

what appetite tastes like

that empty feeling in the sockets

of missing teeth


caffeine pills in tic tac boxes

are an easy plate to clean



Erin Emily Ann Vance’s work has appeared in numerous publications, including Grip Magazine, WAX Poetry and Art Magazine, The Gauntlet, and NoD Magazine. She is currently completing a BA in English literature and creative writing at The University of Calgary. Erin loves to travel and works with children on the autism spectrum. She has pieces forthcoming for 2015 from NoD Magazine, SharkPack Poetry Review, and After the Pause.


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