There She Goes/ Zara Medugu

For her, it was an accident

But for a problem child, all bad things are deliberate

Whether it was a recessive gene, or hair dye,

The black sheep is black


The black sheep is bad

Immediately casting shadows into the snow

Staining the vision of purity

Called an oddity by merely existing in its own way


The black sheep still goes “baa”

It will still look blankly at the world

It will still eat grass and drink water

The black sheep is a sheep


The black sheep is the bad sheep

Because you cannot sell its wool

The black sheep is the bad sheep

Always trying to hop over the fence


The black sheep is dinner

Once its strangeness removed

But a dead sheep isn’t a sad one

A black sheep doesn’t have to be the bad one


Sometimes it has less to do with you

And more with the world

And the fact that the black sheep gets to keep its wool

But it also ends up being dinner to the same hands


The black sheep is the bad sheep

But for a good child, nothing is deliberate


The black sheep is in the middle of the field

Still looking blankly at the world


The black sheep is not a sad sheep

The black sheep is not a bad sheep

The black sheep still says “baa”


The black sheep has nothing to do with you



Zara Medugu, 19, is originally from Nigeria. She is currently studying communications in a university in Israel. Zara also hosts a radio show that combines poetry and music via the university’s radio station. You can find her other works here: and her radio show can be streamed from this site:


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