Fry Your Friends is a platform that aims to support the developing talent and recognition of poets. Basically, if you know how to use a full stop and try your best to avoid cutesy rhyme schemes, then we want to read and share your poetry.

Fry Your Friends gives poets a taste of being published – without any complications. Follow our submission guidelines and we will get back to you with feedback and information abut our plans for future anthologies and author interviews to promote your work.

James Nixon lives in London and edits the poetry blog Fry Your Friends. He is currently studying on the MA Creative Writing at Royal Holloway. His poetry has previously been featured in publications such as The Patchwork Paper, The Cadaverine, Neon and The Wait anthology which raised money for Cancer Research. When James is suffering from writer’s block he binges on blues music and documentaries. You can follow James on twitter here.

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