Twitter Sized/ Kirsty Higginson

The devil incarnate gripped the phone tightly.

“You can now sample death for a small fee of £50. Terms and conditions apply, of course.”

He hated duck egg blue with a passion & scribbled all over the wall using a lovely neon pink crayon, hoping that someone would notice.

The smattering of rain came louder than usual, furiously pounding on the roof. He looked out and saw dead birds, but no rain.

The mattress on the floor was damp, even the bed bugs had upped & left. To Ben the quiet was paradise.

The mountain was a tempestuous, ferocious beast. Many refused to acknowledge it & for that reason they lost a great man.

She floated into the world on the seeds of a dandelion. Eventually, she jumped onto fresh blades & wandered in splendour for eternity.

Death threats were posted through my door, love letters followed. Tomorrow I will take a break from the writing.



Kirsty is a poet, writer & freelance journalist & resides among the cobbled streets of Lancashire. Her days are often spent dreaming, writing and reading poetry. Kirsty runs an arts project called Left in Preston, which aims to celebrate creativity throughout the city.  You can find a collection of her work at:


2 thoughts on “Twitter Sized/ Kirsty Higginson

  1. Reblogged this on Tall tales of fiction and commented:
    Some of my flash fiction work was recently accepted and published on the Fry your Friends site, ‘which is a new platform that aims to support the developing talent of young and aspiring poets.’

    Have a read and let me know if you like the (very) short stories.


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